Calculus Problem of the Week November 18, 2011

Sometimes easy and sometimes hard, our calculus problem of the week could come from any calculus topic. If you really want to get better at calculus, following these problems is a great way to make yourself practice! Past calculus problems of the week.

This week’s problem:
Earlier today, I managed to find a really amazing new (to me) math blog. Not only that, there was this (insanely) interesting and creative calculus problem! So, of course, I must share! The problem is: (quoted)

“You’re in a museum and you’re looking at a painting which is hung above eye level. (There is a specific painting which is hung high in the entrance room at the Brooklyn Museum that I think of with this problem.) You are standing some distance away from it. The question is: what is the largest angle x that you can get as you walk forwards and backwards? (See diagram below for setup.)”

Head over this way to see the answer and more!