MathBootCamps offers four ways to ACE your Math Courses.


These guides go into a single topic in-depth, with explanations, examples, and practice problems. Think of a study guide as a single chapter from a textbook - minus the fluff.


Even more focused than study guides, problem packs are focused on one key skill from a course. They feature a quick example and tips followed by plenty of practice.


Whether you are literally teaching the course and need to brush up on some new skills or have never touched a graphing calculator in your life, these guides show give the step-by-step walkthroughs that will make you an expert in no time.


Packed with videos, examples, explanations, and practice, courses are designed to take you to the next level - whether you need an algebra review or an advanced look at a topic.

Study Guides 

Our study guides walk you through a topic - from how to think about the theory to how to solve problems. We currently have the following study guide available, with more on the way!

Linear Algebra: Linear Combinations and Span

  • Go in-depth to think about linear combinations and span. At over 40 pages long, this covers the basics up through more advanced ideas. 
  • Full explanations and solutions for every problem. Test yourself frequently to see how you are doing and catch mistakes early.

Problem Packs 

Problem packs are like what textbook practice problems should be - a quick example or two, along with some tips, and then the practice problems. Finally, instead of showing you only the answers, we show you every step used to get there for every single problem. The following problem pack is now available, with more coming later in the year.

Calculus: The Power Rule

  • The easy and the tough. Start from how to use the power rule, one of the most important rules for integration, and then see how it can be applied to all kinds of problems.
  • Practice, practice, practice. See a quick overview and tips and then get right into the practice problems. 

Calculator Guides

The TI83/84 calculators are powerful tools, but can be tough to get a handle on at first. Our calculator guides take a particular skill, such as making statistical plots, and focus on how to complete each and every step of the process. The following calculator guide is now available.

Statistical Plots on the TI83 and TI84

  • Designed for reference. Each type of statistical plot that can be made on a calculator has its own stand-alone section. You can jump in whenever you need to look something up.
  • Assumes you are a total beginner. You do not need to know much about a graphing calculator to get started. The first part of this guide goes into all the basics.


MathBootCamps courses use a variety of different teaching methods to help you learn about topics small and large. All courses are taught by current math professors with advanced degrees and years of experience. 

Our first course will be coming soon! ​

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