Tips for Engineering Students (over on College Info Geek)

I realize that for a lot of people, taking math courses can be stressful especially if you are just used to “getting it” before and now having trouble. Personally, I think there is something we could do with the way we teach math that would help everyone relax and appreciate math more but that’s for another post on another day :).

To do my part to help, I’ve written about how you can do well in calculus, and even had a guest post filled with tips for NOT FREAKING OUT when you hit your first really tough math class.

Based on how much people are reading the calculus articles, I’m betting a lot of you guys are engineering or science majors. If so, you definitely should check out this article over on College Info Geek: Tips for Engineering Students. In fact, if you are taking any math class whatsoever, I would follow these tips – regardless of your major!

My favorite sentence in the whole article “Take an active interesting in learning.” ::nods::

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