Math Book Giveaway! – “Calculus: A Complete Course”

One thing I did that really helped me when first learning math was head off to the library and look at different textbooks. Sometimes just seeing a definition stated a different way, or just seeing one more example was enough to make everything “click”.

Whether you are just starting to learn calculus, reviewing it, or looking for a reference book, this text should help you along the way. The high points: Nice straightforward explanations with a large number of exercises. Beyond that, I have never been one to be able to write a great book review so instead I will share with you a review by a student (posted on

I had the privilege of using this book for my calculus course as a senior in high school. I am now in college and very often refer back to this text because it is so comprehensively written. The book is easy to understand, but still covers a great deal of the very broad subject of CALCULUS!. More Reviews

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